Dead, Deadpool, Antihero, Character

Deadpool made his initial appearance in New Mutants #98 as a villain. He was created by Rob Liefield and writer Fabian Nicieza. Rob Liefield being a fan of Teen Titans created a character like Deathstroke from Teen Titans. Henceforth his actual name was”Wade Wilson” as an homage and inside-joke to”Slade Wilson” who is the called the villain Deathstroke.

After appearing in X-Force as a recurring character, he started appearing in other marvel comics like Daredevil, The Avengers and Heroes for Hire.

Beginning in 1993 he obtained his own minseries titled The Circle Chase. This was followed by another mini-series in 1994. Over time he has gone to join the X-Force, tried to join the X-men and awakened with Cable several times. He’s also joined forces with other heroes such as Captain America, Wolverine and Spider-Man.

While his origins are hard to decipher due to his deranged mental condition, he is commonly shown as having a rough childhood and following teenage years. He was abused by his mother and/or father (a war veteran) and was shown to be a delinquent in his younger years and often getting into trouble. After trying out for the Army and being washed out he was soon diagnosed with cancer.

At his wit’s end he was encouraged and inducted into the secret super soldier program known as Weapon X. Promising to cure his cancer Wade Wilson did not have any choice but to join. In Weapon X he was experimented on and given a recovery factor larger than Wolverine’s but as a byproduct accelerated his cancer and left his body horribly scarred and disfigured.

In the hospice other people that were experimented on and delivered to the hospice had a”deadpool”, a betting pool to determine who would die next. The doctors seeing that he was of no use and potentially a danger to others and close to death decided to put Wade Wilson out of his misery. Wade Wilson had his heart removed and at the moment his latent healing ability given to him by experimentation kicked in.

Breaking out of the centre, Wade ventured on his own and starting calling himself”Deadpool” after losing all of his memories. He began wearing a red and black costume like Spider-man’s and became an expert in several martial arts and use of weaponry such as swords and firearms. Deadpool is one of the best assassins in the Marvel comics world and his known for his mouth as much of his unorthodox fighting style.

Currently he is without his healing power and he is married to The Queen of the Undead Shiklah.

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